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  • 07/03/14--18:13: Summer Lovers
  •   For this week’s post, I thought I’d share a confession. It happened years ago, but the sweet memory lingers . . . * * * The affairs began within a week of each other this summer. After twenty-some years … Continue reading

    florasforumImage from 123rf.florasforumImage from 123rf.

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  • 07/25/14--07:57: Zen Doggie
  •     As the Western Skies essays continue this summer, I found this lazy summer piece, reminding us to try to stay chill and appreciate the little connections. —Sandra Knauf   Zen Doggie My eleven-year-old daughter and I, out on … Continue reading

    florasforumNot zen doggie, but looks pretty zen. By uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs from New York City, USA  (A dog on the Old Road)  via Wikimedia CommonsflorasforumNot zen doggie, but looks pretty zen. By uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs from New York City, USA (A dog on the Old Road) via Wikimedia Commons

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  • 09/23/14--13:19: Hooray for Emma Watson!
  • There are times when it’s necessary to go “off topic” to something far more important than gardening, or books, or any of the other dozens of things I’ve posted about. Because “If not me, who? If not now, when?” I … Continue reading


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  • 11/08/14--07:19: Stove Love – Part I
  •   I thought I’d go this week with the theme of “nourishment.” It’s a writing theme I came upon when deciding a long time ago that I wanted to publish a love letter to my 1930s stove. I used this … Continue reading

    florasforumNot my stove, but the same style and color. Mine's in much better shape; has the burners and burner cover.florasforumNot my stove, but the same style and color. Mine's in much better shape; has the burners and burner cover.

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  • 11/15/14--07:27: Stove Love – Part II
  • Last week I wrote about our family’s old stove, a stove I used while our children were young, while we were all growing up. It was a charming 1930s model, and we loved her, but as time went by things … Continue reading

    florasforumStove Love IIflorasforumStove Love II

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  • 03/19/17--16:02: Thank You for Your Patience!
  •   Flora’s Forum has been taking a break since Dec. 21st because, well, I really needed one. I think many will agree that 2016 might have been one of the most trying years (collectively, as a nation) in recent memory. … Continue reading

    florasforumA_bear_coming_out_of_his_den,_Russia-LCCN2001697542 (2)florasforumA_bear_coming_out_of_his_den,_Russia-LCCN2001697542 (2)

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  • 11/23/17--08:10: Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This is the first thing I read when opening up The Gardeners’ Community Cookbook this morning. They seemed like the perfect words to share this Thanksgiving. With much love to all, Sandra   * * *

    florasforumSmith&Hawken-Gardeners-Cookbook-opening-Victoria-Wise 001Be Our PatronflorasforumSmith&Hawken-Gardeners-Cookbook-opening-Victoria-Wise 001Be Our Patron

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  • 01/24/18--08:23: Universal Responsibility
  • A_View_from_Ghandruk_By_Ammit_Shrestha_via_Wikimedia_Commons copy

    “A View from Ghandruk” by Ammit Shrestha, via Wikimedia Commons

    florasforumA_View_from_Ghandruk_By_Ammit_Shrestha_via_Wikimedia_Commons copyflorasforumA_View_from_Ghandruk_By_Ammit_Shrestha_via_Wikimedia_Commons copy

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  • 02/02/18--08:27: Boys and Girls
  • “I have a little friend. (I’m blessed with lots of little friends. ❤  This guy’s name is Ayden, and he is 7 years old. He was telling me about this mouse that his dad-type-guy killed. And he told me about … Continue reading

    florasforumCute_child_boy_playing_with_frog_U.S._Fish_and_WildlifeCheri-headshot_for-Ashley-AdBe Our PatronflorasforumCute_child_boy_playing_with_frog_U.S._Fish_and_WildlifeCheri-headshot_for-Ashley-AdBe Our Patron

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    This month we’re all about saving the planet, so roll up your sleeves and join us! (Thank you, Karla, for sharing your wonderful newsletter! ❤) —SK P. S. If you’re from Colorado Springs and would like Karla’s newsletter that includes local events, … Continue reading

    florasforumLunar_libration_with_phase2SPC 3912-B Photographic views and portraits made 1867-74 in theApple_blossoms_Gandhi copyBe Our PatronflorasforumLunar_libration_with_phase2SPC 3912-B Photographic views and portraits made 1867-74 in theApple_blossoms_Gandhi copyBe Our Patron

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    The values we need are of knowledge: of how to live with Nature, of how to care, of how to share. I think you’ll agree—there’s no one like Vandana Shiva. I hope you’ll enjoy this short film and her wisdom!—SK   … Continue reading

    florasforumBe Our PatronflorasforumBe Our Patron

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  • 04/22/18--15:55: Happy Earth Day!
  • HappyEarthDay2018

    Image from Allina Health Care website, posted April 22, 2015.


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      There is only one Earth and no “Plan C”. This film shows that Plan A is doing as we’ve been doing, using resources wantonly and polluting—which leads to mass extinction. Plan B is getting our act together and saving not … Continue reading

    florasforumAerial_view_of_the_Amazon_RainforestBe Our PatronflorasforumAerial_view_of_the_Amazon_RainforestBe Our Patron

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    It’s getting very close to the longest day in the northern hemisphere. Can you believe it? The days are their longest, yet if you’re a gardener you’re probably still short on time, right? I still have things to plant! Thank you, … Continue reading

    florasforumLunar_libration_with_phase2The_planet_Earth,_view_from_the_American_Side,_view_type-_Satellite_WC_2018Honey_Bear_-_Backlit_WC_(20302280285)Aurora_Borealis_and_Australis_Poster (1)Be Our PatronflorasforumLunar_libration_with_phase2The_planet_Earth,_view_from_the_American_Side,_view_type-_Satellite_WC_2018Honey_Bear_-_Backlit_WC_(20302280285)Aurora_Borealis_and_Australis_Poster (1)Be Our Patron

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    (One mock-up of a cover design—not the final version!)   Big Announcement: I’ve nearly finished a project I started on two years ago! It feels great to finally get to this place. And, as this project is a memoir of our family’s “country … Continue reading

    florasforumBe Our PatronflorasforumBe Our Patron